The Turn Of The Screw Essay examples

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The Turn of the Screw had a slew of questions arising from the many mysteries twisted amongst the plot. One of the most intriguing characters was the main character, the new governess. An unnamed governess was sent to watch Miles and his little sister Flora at the Bly Estate after the previous governess suddenly disappeared. She arrived when it was just Flora and the housekeeper Mrs. Grose. Flora was an angelic beauty, always well-behaved and even volunteered to show the governess around the house. One day she received a letter from Miles’ school that stated he could never return. It was strange to the governess because Mrs. Grose only ever talked highly of Miles and how kind he was. When the boy arrived, she discovered he was even more attractive than his sister and had the aura of innocence surrounding him. Experiencing the boy’s actions first hand, she did not understand why the school would never allow him to return. Most readers would assume at this point that the book will be about the governess’ wishful thinking for a man in her life because she talked about her employer to Mrs. Grose like she fell in love with the man at first sight. This averted the attention expertly from the spooky occurrences and the questionable letter from Miles’ school. However, two new characters brought back the mysterious aura the story originally held. She first saw Peter Quint standing on top of a tower a few yards away from her, then Miss Jessel appeared across the lake when she and…

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