The Truth Of The Philosopher King Essay

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The Truth Of The Philosopher King
When you observe the etymology of the word philosophy, it very literally means “lover of knowledge”. But what a broad term; what does philosophy englobe? It has many branches which specify on various topics, such as aesthetics, ethics, logic, metaphysics, epistemology and politics. All of these cover the broad subject that knowledge is, of what our world is composed of. One of the most famous names amongst the many philosophers who have contributed to the furthering of knowledge throughout history is Socrates. Even for his time (469-399 BCE), he was considered an atypical character, although he had many followers. Socrates was a rebel of his time, with his unkempt looks and his Spartan hair style; this was unusual given the fact he lived in Athens. His peculiar method of trying to get his conversational partners, mostly young men, to find the truth by themselves can be added to his many oddities. But what about his views on philosophy? We know that he had a specific method of inquiry when questioning others about philosophical issues: “ [He would] elicit an answer to a question, then ask further questions to help the interlocutor test the rational adequacy of the answer.” This can be seen in his dialogue with Menon about the definition of virtue, more specifically in the passage where Socrates uses the figures metaphor to make Menon understand the value of virtue (Meno 27). He firmly believed that knowledge was all and ignorance was…

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