The Truth In Plato's Beauty Of The Cave

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Plato’s has idealist point of view were we are living there are endless possibilities to what we actually are and anything can change at any moment. We are in this uncontrollable state where anything can happen and we just have to accept and adapt because none of us really know the truth to what we are, who we are, and what we are here for. Us as the the prisoners are chained from birth forced to look a certain way and not be able to turn our heads from the casts of illusions and appearances. But besides the fact that we have chains on our neck they are supposed to represent ignorance because we are not acknowledging the truth out there.
So us as a society trap out own selves into this mixture of apprentice and allusion. We would be able
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Yes, plato says it takes around 40 years to reach enlightenment but what we really can’t grasp is how once you go outside of the cave everything is different. It takes that final step out and you are blinded by that beauty of the enlightenment and the sun (Truth) so what happens after you spend all of your time adjusting your eyes to something so bright and so life changing that once you go back into the cave like Socrates said “Back into the cave they might have had rewards and praise for the person who was quickest at identifying the passing shapes, who had the best memory for the ones which came earlier or later . But besides that fact do you think he would feel any desire for these prizes? would he envy those who were respected and powerful there?” (Book 7, Pg 222) Although Socrates made good points about the gluttony of this man after re-interning the cave there is an upbringing of concern that once he re-entered the cave that his eyes were swamped by darkness after that direct sunlight and nothing would ever be perceived the same again by this person who essentially is …show more content…
All the forms are connected, and are comprehended together. Personally for Plato’s time era we are living in a different cave than they were. I’m talking about social media, the funny thing was that Plato’s day and age he was mostly talking about religion and how we don't really know that religion is the truth and how so many people are thrown into this concept of something that have no evidence of that they can personally prove. Like Socrates said “ up the attempt until he grasps what good itself is, by means of through itself, then he has come to the true end goal of the intelligible, just as the man in the cave came to the true end or goal of the visible.” (Book 7, Pg 531-533. B). Plato also talks about his city (Society). In Socrates story telling in book 7 of Plato’s Republic, Socrates talking about a myriad of things that need to happen for Plato's theory to come true to find the “Truth in the society”. First, he reminds us again that our goal is not to make any one group especially happy, but rather to make the city as a whole as happy as possible. Second, he points out that the philosopher-kings are only able to enjoy the freedom above ground that they do because they were enabled by the education the city afforded them. They were molded to be

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