Essay on The Truth About the U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War

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The Truth about the U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War

It is the contention of this paper that the Vietnam War was agreeable or unavoidable for exactly the rationales that U.S. leaders during that time claimed it was, that is, to sustain the trustworthiness and integrity of the pledge of Washington to restrain the evil menace, communism, across the globe. In 1950s, the communist regime expanded into North Vietnam under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh. The U.S leaders at the time believed that Ho Chi Minh could barely crushed the armed forces of France in the 1950s (Moyar 2006) or provoked the United States ten years after without firepower support from Beijing and Moscow,
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Vietnam was merely a target that the U.S used to weaken the Soviet’s political influence and to stop communism from further spreading to Southeast Asia. It is the argument of this paper that the Vietnam War was falsified. The U.S. leaders had misjudged the political situations as well as the hatred for a foreign dominance in Vietnam from the start. In 1950, Ho, Mao, and Stalin met in Moscow to formulate the line of attack for an ultimate occupation of Indochina (Jennings 2010). It was unexpected to the U.S. leaders that North Vietnam had a larger support from China and USSR than assumed beforehand: the anti-aircraft squads of Russia in fact attacked American soldiers in Vietnam, and it was documented that there were roughly 170,000 combatants of China on its area (Moore & Turner 2002). While the U.S. –backed South Vietnamese government was morally weak and corrupted. Broadening the disagreement would simply have made everything more unpleasant, as, current Chinese documents reveal, Mao Zedong planned to get involved in the war (Capps 1991). At the same time, the North Vietnamese were actually not solemn about an agreed resolution, and their allegedly independent Viet Cong friends were actually their dummies. It has been recounted that South Vietnamese and Americans had no control over the exercise of bloodshed

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