Nixon And The Vietnam War Case Study

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Christopher Navarro
Short Answer Rewrite 2. The president that played the most significant role in the Vietnam war was President Richard Nixon who had an impact on the Vietnam War. Richard Nixon had support for the United States during the Vietnam War and wanted to bring peace in the world and end the war. The causes of the war and the US involvement was communism was spreading all throughout southeast Asia and the US did not agree with the idea of communism, so they joined Southern Vietnam and the North and the South would bump heads because the North was communist and the South was not communist. The ways that it impacted society was the Vietnam War damaged the U.S.
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Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States and he was president from years 1969-1974 and one of his greatest accomplishments was ending the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and improving U.S. relations with the Soviet Union and China. One of the greatest failures that made Nixon not a good president is the Watergate scandal and the Watergate scandal was Nixon´s administration had been apart of burglary of the watergate facility involving the theft of government papers. Once people found out that Nixon had knowledge of this, and was involved, people hated him. After the Watergate scandal, Nixon resigns instead of being impeached because he does not want to suffer being impeached, so he resigns to not make this a big deal and that tells why he was not a good president because people started questioning their leadership and think more critically about their presidency. For my evidence, a president that I will be using during that time for evidence is Lyndon B. Johnson and how people viewed him was he was both much loved and despised and one of the things that inspired Lyndon B. Johnson was his childhood and during his childhood, he was poor and when he became president, one of his goals was to eliminate poverty and he was much loved by people that were in poverty and one of the greatest accomplishments that Lyndon B. Johnson had during his presidency was the Great Society and its legislation upheld civil rights, brought in laws governing public broadcasting, environmental protection, Medicare and Medicaid, abolition of poverty and aid to education and this evidence proves that Nixon was not a good president because even though he showed support for his people in the US, he committed a criminal crime and that was not good leadership and he did not have good integrity and on the other hand, Lyndon

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