The Trustees And Successor Trustees Essays

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The Trustees and successor Trustees shall be governed by the provisions of §736.0816 and Chapter 738, Florida Statutes, not in conflict with this instrument, and shall have all additional powers and responsibilities, jointly and severally, granted and imposed by statute to Trustee at the time of application that are not in conflict with this instrument. In addition, without limiting any common law or statutory authority and without the need to apply to any court, Trustees shall have the following powers and responsibilities: 6.1. To acquire, retain, improve, manage, protect, invest, reinvest, exchange, lease, sell or option to sell, borrow, mortgage, pledge, transfer, and convey trust property, real or personal (including without limitation stocks, bonds, obligations, mortgages, and other securities, and interest in them), on any terms that Trustee deems advisable, even for terms beyond the expected duration of this trust; to open, maintain, and operate a brokerage account (including a margin account and the trading in listed and covered options) in the name of the trust; and to invest, reinvest, hold, and vote as an asset of the trust the capital stock of any corporate trustee of any trust created by this instrument, and to invest and reinvest the property in the common funds of said corporate trustee. 6.2. To employ accountants, bookkeepers, corporate custodian, investment counsel, agents, attorneys (including any firm in which any trustee hereunder has an interest…

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