The Truman Doctrine, President Truman Essay

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In the Truman Doctrine, President Truman wants to contain the expansion of communism everywhere, especially trying to prevent the USSR from expanding out more. Basically America supported and assisted all democratic countries, which are in any way being threatened by the Soviet Union. Truman believe that if one country fell into control of communism then other countries surrounding it would sooner or later experience the same effects. This was called the Domino Effect, in which one by one each country would fall like a domino. One situation in which the U.S diplomatic efforts were required during the presidents’ time in office was when the British Government announced it could no longer afford to keep soldiers fighting communist rebels in Greece. Truman warned congress on, 12 of March 1947, president Truman warned Congress that, without help, Greece would fall to Communism. Nearby Turkey, he added, was in a similar situation. He introduced an idea that if America let one country fall to Communism, all the countries round about would follow (this was later called the domino theory). Truman said that the Cold War was a choice between freedom and oppression. Saving Greece and Turkey was the main concerns for the U.S because fighting of communist countries was much like the cold war; it would take decades of suffrage before any progression to the country would be made again.

Basically the Truman Doctrine was all about containment. That was all President Harry S. Truman had to…

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