The True Meaning Of Friendship In The Chase By Annie Dillard

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In life, individuals have someone in their life that they look up to and feel that they are the greatest hero that had ever lived. A hero is someone who is selfless, courageous, determined, always have a positive outlook on life, and someone who is not afraid to take the risk and help other individuals in need. Anyone in the world can be a hero no matter how small or big the kindness they show. In Annie Dillard's “The Chase,” her character shows the real meaning of friendship because she defied the odds of girls playing inside and being domestic. Her friends accepted her as part of the group and played with her despite the criticism she may get. Carla Franchesca, a fifth grader at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School in Alaska and my little cousin, …show more content…
In reality, friendship is important to kids nowadays because of the thought that they do not want to be alone. They find different people to consider friends and that have the same qualities, hobbies, or interests as they do and do not feel left out. Annie Dillard wrote a different meaning of friendship because she was an only girl on an all-boys team. She stepped out of the stereotype and comfort zone of being a woman. Instead of playing at home with her dolls and houses, she is outside playing football and baseball with her group of friends. She also goes out with her friends and pranks the oncoming vehicles with snowballs and she stated, “I started making an iceball—a perfect ice ball, from perfectly white snow, perfectly spherical, and squeezed perfectly translucent so no snow remained all the way through” (Dillard 1). Carla shows her friendship with her friends in school when they play on the playground or at home playing multiplayer online games. She never texted her friends when they want to hang out as she replied, “I do not usually go out with friends and I prefer staying at home.” The fact that an 11-year old staying at home while her friends want to hang out does not have an epiphany in life. She does not have the feeling of epiphany anymore because of the technology that absorbed her attention to the world around her. Friendship can be shown as heroic no matter who it is and what they do. Dillard shows the meaning of having epiphany through her friends and that someone can find a hero on an individual that is completely unknown to them. Carla Franchesca does not show the meaning of epiphany because of the time she puts on everything online and that she never tried to mingle with

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