Essay on The True Meaning Of Education

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Society has given others the assumption that only by attending college an individual is likely to be smart. As people are influenced by this expectation, people are blinded by the reality of what it truly means to be educated. Asimov and Baker explain their ideals of what it truly means to be educated by illustrating the influences society has on individuals. To be considered smart, people believe in only those who are able to solve academic questions by scoring high on tests and put aside others who are smart in a criteria aside from being educated. Since people are expected to pursue an education, they shun others who work physical labor. Although many may agree that being intelligent requires pursuing an educational degree, the true meaning of education is gained by the knowledge one is capable of holding. As the years pass, children are obligated to go to school since the age of five through the age of eighteen. Basic education is given to children by going to school so they can differentiate what is good and bad. A student demonstrates how intelligent they are by scoring high on tests; however, the results of tests only represent a high level of understanding with a certain topic. Therefore, students who score high on test are most favored by “the testers”. In addition, many have been given the intention by teachers that one student is better than another—allowing competition amongst each student. Russell Baker, an American writer who expresses his ideas on American…

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