Essay on The True Church Of Christ

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The true Church that Christ said He would build, are the Body of Christ. Who are we that are the body? We are a new creation, a chosen race, and a royal priesthood. A holy nation set apart for good works and workmanship. We are believers in His name (Jesus) and children of God. Since we believe in Christ we are heirs and become the righteousness of God. We have been justified and sanctified by God, we posses the righteousness of Christ. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, we are not our own. We are slaves of righteousness, so that we can bare good fruit. We are children of God, sons of God through faith. Out of us flows love and self control, for we love Christ. We are God 's people, salt of the earth, also children of light. We don 't believe in blind faith, but faith working together with reasoning, for God said "come let us reason together." Christ is our Master, so we strive to give an answer to all people for the hope that is us, with gentleness and kindness. We defend our faith by casting down strongholds, imaginations, and anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every lofty thought into the obedience of Christ. We are priest, God 's ministers, and we have received mercy, so we render mercy. Our citizenship is in heaven, and we await on the Lord. We have peace with God, through Christ Jesus, because we were bought with a price. Our walk is after Christ, with our mouths we have tamed the tongue. We see evil and hate it, just as God…

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