The Trouble With Geniuses Analysis

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Let me share why I believe that Gladwell chose to write “The Trouble with Geniuses.” I think he wanted to inspire readers to alter their perception of how they categorize the general public based only on their IQ and to “urge others to seek out seek out greatness” in people around that are not from riches and wealth. As well as to share his understanding of his definition of success and how he reached his conclusions. Of course, Gladwell backs up his information with credible sources. The character of geniuses is dependent on one’s social background which can be developed anytime in life.
In many ways, Gladwell reaches out to audiences of all types in Outliers. This book is an excellent revelation for anyone who wants to learn more about success.
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We may have a better understanding of others, as an employer, perhaps gives them opportunities based on life experiences, not just a college diploma. Some people were dealt a sub-par hand in life it is a fact. If they came from a different family, were brought up in a different city, where would they be today. The chapters make me think if two babies were swapped at birth both born with a high IQ would they still be successful as the other. Is there more genetics at play, then just environment? Would they have a bigger chance at success? I agree with Gladwell’s belief that being born into the right family or found out about having the best chance at achieving success to becoming successful physicians, engineers, presidents, is being presented with additional support system opportunities during the early developmental years and young adulthood. Most of these higher IQ people have also had the benefits of a nurturing environment in parentage, supportive school support due to culture, social and environmental factors. We may meet an individual from the slums or ghetto’s that will also have a superior IQ. However, they did not become accomplished in life because for many reasons; early intervention is the best. Not having a background that …show more content…
I support this thought being in the nursing field. I have had the opportunity to have met many smart doctors and scientists during my career. No one would argue that medical doctors are in the higher IQ range evidenced by his certifications. I have had the opportunity of spending the last 30 years around them. I know they are brilliant, also some are very strange. I have seen them and met them; some have no people skills. Being a noteworthy doctor requires more than just a high IQ. It requires ethics and human compassion. Both types may be equally smart doctors, but an excellent doctor has both emotional intelligence and intellect. Unquestionably, I want a physician who has both. In my experience, I have witnessed miracles that I believe is a direct result of the way doctors tell their patients their odds or chances of hope which made the difference in patient survival. In my conclusion, I agree with Gladwell; the doctors may be equal in IQ and surgical skills, but there is something that sets them

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