Essay on The Trinity Is An Area Of The Christian Faith

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The trinity is an area of the Christian faith where Christians and non-Christians alike struggle to explain the Godhead in a way that is biblical and understandable. In this paper I will discuss whether the word trinity is mentioned in the Bible at all? What does trinity mean? How is it expressed biblically (e.g. these three are one)? What are the similarities / differences between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit? I will also explain how I will discuss this aspect of my faith with a Jehovah’s Witness.
In A.D 318 there was a raging theological controversy over the nature or status of Jesus Christ. An influential elder in the Christian community named Arius began expressing the view that Jesus Christ was a created being. In A.D. 325, in order to try and settle this controversy, Roman Emperor Constantine convened a church council in the town of Nicaea in Asia Minor near Constantinople. About 300 bishops attended and they debated the nature of God and of Jesus Christ with most rejecting Arius’ idea that Jesus was a created being. They believed that when they worshiped Jesus, they were worshiping God. They believed that they were saved by God, not by a created being. The council was convinced that Scripture declares that Jesus Christ is God. Following the Nicene Council, the debate continued, including discussions about the Holy Spirit. Eventually, Theodosius (the new Roman emperor), called a second council, which was held in Constantinople. The council…

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