The Treaty Of World War II Essay

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The end of World War II left the US, Britain, Russia, and the rest of the Allied Powers to decide the fate of Germany and Japan. Reaching consensus among the Allies was not an easy task. The US and Britain had extremely different ideological values from the USSR, which would prove disadvantageous in the nations’ hopes for maintaining positive relations. Without a common goal to defeat Germany, the US and the USSR began to clash. Within only a few years of the completion of World War II, the Cold War had begun. While the war never featured any direct combat, strong diplomatic tensions between the USSR and the US set the stage for an Arms Race and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although the US aggravated the USSR with its containment policies in Europe, the USSR is to blame for the war because it instigated tension by abandoning both the Yalta Accords in Poland and the Potsdam Agreement in Germany. The US containment policies of the Truman Doctrine and the relocation of the 6th Fleet exacerbated the conflict between the US and the USSR. Since the onset of Stalin’s reign, a primary goal of the USSR was to spread its communist ideals throughout Europe. The US, however, sought to restrict this proliferation, viewing it as a threat to its democratic ideals. Therefore, the US adopted a policy of containment with the principal goal of restraining Stalin’s military conquests. In line with this policy, the US passed the Truman Doctrine, which called for the allocation of $400 million to…

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