Essay about The Treaty Of Versailles : Was It Solved?

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The treaty of Versailles caused more problems than it solved because of several reasons. First of all the treaty gave Germany the entire blame for the war which is completely unethical, second of all it completely ignored Woodrow Wilsons 14 points that would of most likely prevented another devastating war, third and fore most electing Hitler into power was the absolute worst decision ever. These three reasons is exactly why I somewhat agree that the treaty of Versailles did more harm than it did well. First off blaming the entire war on Germany was a complete mistake it just enraged them to become stronger as a nation when Hitler came into power. When Herman Muller and Johannes bell signed the treaty of Versailles in the hall of mirrors Germany was forced to pay a 61.8 billion dollar war debt to the other countries. Because of this people were poor and hungry as the government raised the market of goods such as white bread and coffee by 27 percent. With such a high amount of money to be paid off and France becoming inpatient the Germans could only afford to pay off what needed to be paid off. This added salt to the wounds of the people by taking away their main source of money, coal and iron mines located in the Rhine land. Because the French were afraid that Germany would act up again, France decided to demilitarize the Rhineland which was Germany’s main source of the money coming into the country. This was also the main exporter of their many goods such as coal and…

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