The Treaty Of Versailles Was The Main Cause Of World War One

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At the conclusion of the great war world leaders came together to support the international movement for peace. The peace treaty they created, The Treaty of Versailles, was created to reprimand the nations responsible for the war and to stop any future wars from happening. The Agreements outlined in the Treaty of Versailles at the conclusion of World War One created a brief period of peace, yet it ultimately led to the rise of Fascist leaders such as Adolf Hitler and the beginning of World War Two. Looking back on history the errors made after world war one were the main cause for the second World War. In the year 1919 the leaders of the Allied powers gathered at the Palace of Versailles in France. The purpose of this convention was to create a peace document that would officially end the Great War. This great, today known as world war one, had been raging on for …show more content…
The first event being World War One. When the first world war concluded people believed it was the last war they would ever see. Yet, twenty years after the peace agreement was signed, the second world war began. It is the thought of some that this peace agreement was the very root cause of the second World War. The peace agreement, known as the Treaty of Versailles, planted seeds of hatred in the people of many nations. The need for revenge combined with the economic depression in certain nations paved the way for fascist rulers to rise to power. The new fascist regimes of the world disregarded the rules put in place by the Treaty of Versailles. When Adolf Hitler and the German Nai party rose to power their actions sparked outrage among the other European nations. The anger they caused in these nations led to the beginning of the war. With Germany backed by fellow fascists and other nations also unsatisfied by the treaty of Versailles, the nations of the world were once again pitted against each other and the second World War officially

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