The Treaty Of Versailles During The World War II Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles occurred in the context of the first World War, which transpired due to alliances with each other. However, some nations entered the war in thoughts of “moral obligation” or their own interest were exposed to the dangers of the war. The events leading up to the first World War were the assassinations of the archduke and duchess of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The assassination occurred in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, by the assassin Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb. This lead the Austrian government to believe that Serbia had plotted the archduke’s assassination pressuring the Austrians to go to war with Serbia as a retaliation. However, due to Russia’s alliance to Serbia they had immobilized their troops to protect Serbia from Austrian invasions. it was not until Germany declared war on Russia because of their alliance with Austria. Soon after France bound by treaty to Russia joined the war, but Britain also joined in on the war due to its alliance with France. However, it was due to moral obligation to protect neutral Belgium, which brought Britain to join the war. And with Britain at war, many of its colonies joined in. After being notified of Germany’s violation of postponed unrestricted submarine warfare, the US had joined in to protect US ships and trade. Much of World War I was set off by the alliances of many countries, but losses ran deep with about 10 million dead, and the collapse of four different empires.
During the war there were two…

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