The Treaty Of The United States Essay

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As the United States developed its status of a new nation, its inhabitants were afraid of a reign of tyranny that would turn out to be like that of Britain rule. The first widespread document for the former thirteen colonies were the Articles of Confederation, which established that, centralized government was toxic to liberty and assigned most of the powers to the individual states. One of the major flaws of the Articles was that, it basically set up the country as a community of different countries, rather than a unified one. The federal government was frail, the only powers that it possessed were: Declaration of war, foreign affairs, and the ratification of treaties. Furthermore, with a debt due to the Revolutionary War, and the lack of powers to levy taxes, the United States could not get out of debt. The states, as established by the articles, were supposed to take action against the debt, and implemented certain actions, paradigms of the aforementioned are: tariffs, excessive money printing, postponing debt collections. These actions commenced to upset debt-ridden farmers, giving birth to what became known as Shays’ Rebellion, which happened in Massachusetts when the people started to believe that the states governments were not being efficient in dealing with the debt. Such action awoke nationalists like James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton to call for a meeting in Philadelphia, in order to amend mentioned document. However, the elites realized that, the Articles…

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