The Treaty Of The United States Essay

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Under the impression that the United States was secretly in cahoots with France due to their alliance, despite the implementation of the Neutrality Acts, the British attacked American vessels in the French West Indies. They seized 300 merchant ships and hundreds of seamen, some of whom they employed on their own ships and others they incarcerated in dungeons. In 1794 Washington sent John Jay to London to treat with the British about their violations of America’s neutral rights but, due in part to Hamilton selling out Jay’s bargaining tactics to the Britons, he instead ended up binding American merchants to pre-Revolutionary debts, received only tentative assurance that Britain would remove her posts on U.S. soil, and none at all that they would cease future maritime attacks and seizures.
Spain signed the Pinckney Treaty with the United States in October 1795 in fear of being caught on the wrong end of an Anglo-American alliance. As a result of the treaty, the Spanish ceded a largely disputed area north of Florida encompassing parts of modern-day Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, as well as unimpeded navigation of the Mississippi River, which was an important gateway to the North American interior.
In his 1796 Farewell Address upon his retirement, George Washington urged Americans to avoid permanent alliances (like that of France and the U.S.) on the grounds that it might make a certain attitude toward another country seem obligatory over time, as well as the spirit of…

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