Essay on The Treaty Of The U.s. Constitution

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While some people supported the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, others didn’t like this idea. The people who opposed the Constitution were called the anti-federalists and the ones who supported the ratification were named federalists. The federalists like Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, supported a more centralized republic where the federal government would have certain enumerated powers and where the citizens would have the power to elect their representatives. On the opposite side, the anti-federalists like Cato and Brutus supported a more decentralized government that guaranteed state sovereignty which would prevent the creation of a large republic where the government would be centralized and powerful with no limitations in the hands of a few.
In “Letter III”, an anti-federalist named Cato describes how a large republic would be a failure that would eventually fall into the hands of the rich and become a monarchy. In his letter, he quoted the French philosopher Montesquieu by stating “It is natural to a republic to only have small territory, otherwise it cannot long subsist… in a large one, an ambitious person soon becomes sensible that he may be happy by oppressing his fellow citizens and ruins his country. He also shows you that Sparta failed because of its expansion and the ambition of Athens and Lacedemon, which eventually gave them a monarchy” (Cato, 4). Cato wanted a government where the states were free and independent from the oppression of a…

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