The Transformation Of The Black Swan By Natalie Portman

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Black Swan a film made in 2010 starring Natalie Portman took us into the world of ballet dancer Nina Sayers. The film shows Nina’s journey, as she tries to attempt to be the perfect embodiment of the Swan Queen. The Swan Queen role encompassing both the Black and White swan. It shows the struggle she makes to let go and break the perfection of the White swan to become the Black Swan.

This is the story at surface value. The stories inner meaning though portrays the cycle of maturity involved in transitions into adulthood. This cycle, I noticed, being portrayed in what appears to be three stages. The first stage being Denial. The second being Emergence. Finally moving into the third, Destruction.

Going by this model and the repeated
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Be it in the actual studio, in the dressing rooms, and in Nina’s own home she is constantly surrounded by mirrors. A quote from the New York Times states, “It’s in the mirror that they (ballet dancers) see both the ideal versions of themselves they hope to show the public as well as their own failings.” This proves to be true as in the film what is portrayed throughout most of the movie is the innocence clad Nina who strives for perfection. This at first is what she wishes to be for the public because this seems to be what is expected. Examples being what is required of the White Swan and what her mother expects. That being implied by her constant reference to Nina as her “sweet girl”. This image soon becomes her failure as she “fails” to emulate the traits of the mature Black Swan by denying her own maturity. This image changes as she does minor things such as putting on dark makeup showing she wishes to be this mature adult woman. The image changes even further when in sort of a hallucinatory state Nina sees a more sinister, seductive, version of herself staring back at her representing her emergence into this woman but it’s scary because it’s all happening so fast. During her Black Swan performance a shadow reflection is seen of her as the black swan proving how she has fully emerged into womanhood. These changes slowly destroying Nina’s once innocent outside …show more content…
Once Nina becomes her perceived Black Swan she, like Lily, can no longer play the role of White Swan as affectively because the innocence she had is being destroyed and being replaced with adulthood. This is further confirmed when Nina stabs her shadow image and plays the role of Black Swan perfectly but when it comes time to play the Black Swan it bleeds showing a symbolic death of

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