The Transformation Of Manifest Destiny Essays

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In the eighteenth century, American history was the century of pioneering new land, fighting for independence, building a democratic government, and envisioning the nation’s fate. However, the nineteenth century ushered in a new era of our nation, an era of expansion. After the end of the Confederation, our nation became stable and wealthy, thus Americans looked out to the world, and they saw the Western wilderness. Being the most individualistic and prideful people on Earth, Americans determined the destiny of this great nation: expanding our nation. Behind this mission was an ideology called Manifest Destiny. By the time of Civil War, Manifest Destiny had been a dominant ideology in America. Every major event in this period was connected to this ideology. Therefore, understanding the concept of Manifest Destiny will explain the expansion of our nation in the nineteenth century. Manifest Destiny was a belief which, “America was destined-by God and by history-to expand its boundaries over a vast area” (Text 135). This ideology was a product of individualism, racism, and nationalism in America. Americans were the people of exploring and pioneering the new land, thus, they believed in liberty, self-independence, and self-determination. Therefore, individualism was a part of their consciousness, hence explaining why they chose democracy for their system of government instead of a monarchy. Being one of the few nations that employed democracy throughout the history of mankind,…

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