The Tragic Flaws Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay example

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William Shakespeare was well known for the main characters of his plays using their tragic flaws to create their own downfall. In this play, we see a different kind of tragic hero. Macbeth is pushed by his mentally unstable wife to commit the murder of the beloved King Duncan, and even though Macbeth has always been known as a great warrior, he can’t use these skills for evil no matter how much he craves power.
Before the idea of power was brought to him, Macbeth was a noble and loyal soldier to King Duncan and the country of Scotland. The other high leaders respected Macbeth, they even honored him. Macbeth is in no way an innocent person, but he also didn’t become this murderer on his own. His wife, Lady Macbeth, was the mastermind behind the couple’s first murder of King Duncan. She is the one that first introduces the concept of murder to Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is known as one of Shakespeare’s most evil female characters. The first time we come across Lady Macbeth she is planning Duncan’s murder. Macbeth describes his wife as a man in a female’s body. We quickly see this strong and viscous personality in her. Shakespeare shows in this play how with given the right motive, women can be just as cruel as men; but society keeps them from pursuing it. In life, no one knows someone better than their significant other knows them. Lady Macbeth knew exactly what to say to pressure Macbeth into committing this crime. She even claimed she was capable of murdering her own child to…

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