Essay on The Tragedy Of The Commons

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Tragedy of the Commons
The definition of a commons is shared property often bordered by private properties. Often farmers share a central piece of land and allow each other to send their herds to graze. The article “The Tragedy of the Commons” written by Garrett Hardin describes a place where land must be shared amongst farmers. In this situation the farmers must either work together or watch the land be destroyed by personal greed and disregard for one another and the land. Each farmer will allow as many cows as possible to graze the commons. Every one of the herdsman wants to maximize their profits and concerns as much as possible. If each farmer goes to the commons with this same goal in mind there will eventually be nothing left of the commons. The effects of overgrazing will start to be a problem not only for one farmer but for all who use the commons. Once the number of cattle starts to get larger than the land can sustain the commons will be destroyed. My thesis in this essay is how “ideas” can make a difference in this situation. Ideas can allow this situation to not fail, but instead thrive and be fair for all. In this essay I will consider the multiple ideas provided throughout the course including the Greeks, Utilitarian perspectives, Shipler’s views on socioeconomics, Elie Wiesel’s ideas on memory, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ perspectives on racism.
The Tragedy of the Commons describes a place where people must either work together and share their common area or watch…

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