The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Society often puts people into two distinct categories: villains and heroes. Heroes are always regarded as the valiant characters, who carry extensive weight in the events of a story. However, in the play, Othello by William Shakespeare, the one villain in the drama propels the plot greatly, and causes the extent of the conflict. A man named Iago becomes angry that the general of the Venetian army, Othello, gave a position as lieutenant to another man named Cassio. Because of this, Iago decides to come up with a plan to exact revenge on Othello, Cassio, and others around him. His evil plan also requires the manipulation of a gullible man, Roderigo, and Desdemona, who is Othello’s wife. Even though Iago’s acquaintances characterize him as an honest man, he evolves into a villain who craves vengeance, and causes extreme chaos to descend around everyone. Iago has the greatest impact on the story by displaying jealousy, being excessively manipulative, and being dishonest reveals that one will take any strides to get revenge, especially when it is used as an outlet to express intense, irrational hatred.
Cassio’s position and lust for Desdemona are sources of jealousy, which is Iago’s greatest impacts on the story, which demonstrates that retribution will be achieved at any costs, particularly to show fierce hostility. Iago develops frustration that Othello passed him over for a position as his lieutenant, and gave the lieutenant position to Cassio. Iago believes that he is far…

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