The Tragedy Of Odysseus And The Odyssey Essay

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The Greeks believed that ones fate was predetermined and that it could not be avoided, one can only be judged for how they acted on the way towards meeting their fate. The concept of individuals meeting their fate is extremely prevalent in the great epic The Odyssey. This epic is one in which human lives are continuously manipulated by the gods, the one thing that the gods cannot do though is alter the individuals fate. In The Odyssey, fate governs the relationship between the central character Odysseus and the goddess of wisdom Athena. Though Athena cannot alter Odysseus’ fate her actions helps make his fate come to fruition. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war and is the patron goddess of heroes. Odysseus embodies the essence of what a hero is, going as far as journeying to the underworld and coming back unscathed, feats only a true hero can accomplish. The role of patron goddess of heroes is fulfilled through the relationship between the two. The fate of Odysseus is to suffer an arduous journey home; the Fates do not appear in the epic but instead use the will of the gods to act this out upon Odysseus. The opposition to Odysseus’ safe journey home comes in the form of the god Poseidon who is angered with him for blinding his son. While his patron goddess Athena does everything in her power to help him reach his native land. The mixture of the actions of the two deities is what causes Odysseus’ fate to come to fruition. One could also assume that Athena admires…

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