King: Blind And Blindness In Oedipus The King

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In the story of Oedipus Rex, blindness refers to people being blind to the truth. The answer they were seeking when it came to their problems may have been obvious, but they could not see the answer. Due to them being blind to they answer they were seeking. Blindness also can be associate with being physically blind and being enlightened. A blind person in the story is said to have powers to see things that people with sight cannot see. Though the blind doesn’t have sight they have another kind a vison that shows them the future. Teiresias who is the blind prophet, present the truth to King Oedipus and his wife Jocasta. Oedipus has been blind to the truth all his life. And Jocasta is also blind to the true identity of her king. The difference between blindness and seeing is how King Oedipus and Jocasta a blind to the truth of how Oedipus has become king and the prophecy that was place upon him as a child has shown its fate. And seeing refers to the prophet who doesn’t have sight, but can see into the future and has told the King the truth about his prophecy that he acquired as a child. Belief in Ancient Greek was that someone fate is pre-determined and unchanged. In this story Oedipus fate also brings his downfall. When Oedipus …show more content…
Once he heard of the oracle predication that he will kill his father and marry his mother he became determined to make sure the prophecy was not fulfilled. He left his homeland of Corinth to never return. His pride becomes worse once he become King of Thebes because the towns people are praising him and this is when he marries Jocasta. If Oedipus wasn’t so determined to leave home to escape his fate he would’ve not fulfilled it. His fate was sealed by his actions of pride. He was blind to the concept that he could be perhaps be the murder of his own father. Without knowing he has murder his father he places a curse on himself to an “evil death in life of

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