Essay on The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare

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Often times, individuals will find themselves in a position where a difficult decision must be made. This common occurrence is used by authors to develop plots as well as characters. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar is gaining power among the Romans after defeating the previous leader, Pompey. Some Senators are taking note of this, and believe that they need to end this accelerated growth in power by assassinating Caesar. Marcus Brutus, one of Caesar’s dearest friends, must make a decision whether to remain in his friendship, or accept his invitation to the conspiracy in the name of his country. Brutus is right in joining the conspiracy because it helped Rome while causing minimum harm, Caesar was a tyrant, and the Romans needed a less manipulative leader.
Killing Caesar as a sacrifice for the country causes minimal harm in comparison to an entire country suffering under Caesar’s rule. Brutus understands this, and wants what is best for his country, as he should. This does not apply only when Caesar is the leader; Brutus believes it is a country’s duty to get rid of any unfit leader when the time comes. To express this, he says during his speech at Caesar’s funeral, “I have the same dagger for myself / when it shall please my country to need my death” (III.ii.43-44). If Brutus is willing to tell all of Rome that they may kill him as he did to Caesar when he sees fit, it proves he took action to protect the good of Rome, rather than as an…

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