The Tourism And Hospitality Industry Essay examples

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The tourism and hospitality have been suffering international from major problems in attracting and retaining its employees, which is leading to absences of a qualified workforce, in one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. The challenges of attracting and retaining quality employee’s starts with firstly attracting the appropriate student, but with the problems faced by the lesser quality in the education of these students a high level of turnovers in the industry has risen. However the characteristics show by Generation Y employees have also brought about many issues in the hospitality industry.

Worldwide there have be many issues with attracting qualified, talented people to join the tourism and hospitality industry, which has brought about a shortage of skilled employees, as stated by Scott Richardson in his article “Generation Y’s Perception and Attitudes Towards a Career in Tourism and Hospitably”. Richardson then goes on to say there are many alternate contributing aspects as to why the industry is failing to attract the necessary workforce. Reasons for people’s negative perspective of the hospitality industry include low salary and difficult shift hours. For example, minimum wage is one of the main factors as to why many people steer away from this line of work, also difficult shift hours such as inconvenient hours and night shifts can have a negative impact on employees social life, it is not a regular nine to five job. Because tourism and…

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