The Top 9 Hottest Michael Jackson Essay

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The Top 9 Hottest Michael Jackson Billboard Songs
Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana on august 29, 1958, as one of the most influential Pop artist of all time. His career spans for more than 40 to 50 years. Being known as the “king of pop” Mr. Jackson has produced many songs that are appealing to a universal audience. Beginning at the age 5, Michael has always been a star figure in people’s eyes and successfully has four songs by the Jackson 5 which also topped the billboard top 10 chart. At age 13, Michael perused his solo career which in later years he releases his nine top selling songs. The top ten billboard hits that Michael Jackson has released are as followed: “Say Say Say” featuring Paul McCartney, “Billie Jean”, “I 'll Be There”, “The Way you make me feel”, “Beat It”, “Rock With You”, “Dancing Machine”, “Man In The Mirror”, “ I Want You Back”, “The Girl Is Mine” featuring Paul McCartney. Every song was on the billboard top ten list for more than 10 weeks. For this annotated list we will give a brief explanation about each song and explain its rank on the billboard chart, the album it is featured on, and the year it was released.
Let’s start by looking at the "The Girl Is Mine" by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney” was a song released on the Michael Jackson Thriller album that depicts his love for a beautiful young lady. The song released October of 1982 and was the pioneer for the Thriller album’s 7 straight Hot 100 top 10 hits. Its smooth melodic sound…

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