Essay on The Tobacco Industry And Nfl

1727 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
Industries and associations such as the tobacco industry and NFL are known to protect their money and reputation. Any claim made against them could cause them to fall apart. When scientists claim that second hand smoking is harmful or that football players are at risk of brain damage, the tobacco industry and NFL will attempt to falsify the claims without proper evidence. The process by which the industries attempt to falsify the claims lacks in reliability and does not make clear the effects of the products to the public. Industries should be reevaluating their products to figure out whether or not the products are actually harmful. For better evaluations of the products, intergovernmental organizations--like the United Nations Organization--should assign scientists to be in charge of investigating claims made against an industry. The organization will pick scientists from a committee of international scientists, all of whom have their own field of expertise. This way, claims made against an industry will be evaluated without any particular bias and scientists will be assigned based on the knowledge needed to evaluate the products.
The tobacco industry is an example of an industry that used unreliable methods to justify that secondhand smoking is not harmful in order to protect their financial interests. For this reason, there should be an unbiased way for industries to challenge claims made against them. First, the tobacco industry spent $500,000 just to create campaigns…

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