Essay about The Titanic : The Unsinkable

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The Titanic: The Unsinkable.

The Titanic was “the most magical and astounding place in the world.” The White Star Line had multiple rivals who tried to beat them by building a ship that is better and faster. The only thing White Star Line could do was prove their company was worthy of ship building. They made the Titanic which derived from Greek meaning gigantic. RMS Titanic was completed in in the beginning of April and it was the most exotic boat anyone could lay their eyes on. The Titanic was like one of the seven wonders of the world until the massive boat hit an iceberg and the unsinkable boat became sinkable. The designer of the boat, Thomas Andrews, stated the Titanic was the safest ship anyone could step foot on. He didn’t know what happened or how the boat could sink. All he knew was ‘there must [have been] a reasonable explanation.” After the Titanic sunk and left the whole world speechless by the disaster, many speculations came out about the reasons to why the boat sunk and why there was a large amount of deaths. One of the main reasons that had formed was the lack of lifeboats. “The US Senate and British Board of Trade held special hearing into the causes of this disaster, [especially] the lack of lifeboats.” Negligence and the insufficient number of lifeboats on the Titanic is associated with why a significant number of passengers and crew perished and sent the survivors home with a story to tell.
Negligence bestowed on the Titanic was the fault of the…

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