The Time Of The Age Of Man Spans From The Old Testament Essays

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The time of the end of the age of man spans from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament to the book of Revelation, which is the last book of the New Testament. Most people only consider the books of Daniel and Revelation as apocalyptic discernment to a future period known as the Great Tribulation. To fully understand where we are in the prophetic structure of the time that was allotted to the age of man, you must go back to the very beginning. You must look deep into the Scriptures for interlocking clues. The Bible is sequential, and it is very much a living book. It is timeless! Every word of it hinges on what was spoken previously, and therein lays the great divide between it, and the other holy books. The Bible is a book of proposition. "Come now, and let us reason together…," (Isaiah 1:18 KJV). The Bible invites you to come inside, and its text comes to life, as we ourselves live it out in the transformation of our hearts, and in the renewing of our minds. It has recorded the past and the future, and it also unravels multiple stacked-up patterns that become revelatory clues.

Our very first clue to God 's timetable and His future plan for the end of the age of man occurs rather unexpectedly in the very beginning in the book of Genesis. In the book of Genesis, it is easy to overlook God 's initial revelation to Satan, because we get so caught up in looking at the story of creation, and at the fall of man due to sin. However, in Genesis God laid His plan out right…

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