The Three Sphinxes Of Bikini Analysis

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Trees, so simple, so serene, and a reflection of the time they stood in. Trees reflect their environment. They grow in the oddest of places—out of a stone, in the middle of a city, or in a forest of many, and yet no matter where they stand they hold meaning. With seasons, the trees change. With time, the trees grow. With changing times, trees evolve. Throughout the centuries, one is able to see the ways in which trees have changed alongside the decade they stood in. Artists created works of art that represent trees as mirrors that reflect the century they stood in and what that generation stood for. In Rembrandt Harmensz painting, Landscape with a Stone Bridge, simply created with oil paint on a panel of oak in 1638, the era of this time is …show more content…
This particular piece was also created using oil on a canvas much the same as Rembrandt Harmensz’s piece of art. I feel that this painting holds the most meaning. It is when the explosion from naturalism to industrialism occurred. This picture was painted after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The statement exists that nature, human, and destruction are all intertwined. As seen in this painting, there are three heads, one in the form of the rise of smoke after a bomb, one in the form of a tree, and one in the form of a human. All three heads are growing out of the ground, and represent the rise of the new age were destruction, nature, and humans will sweetly intertwine, and with this, the world as was once known will change (Etherington-Smith, 1992). No longer are humans in sync with nature and respect its beauty like in Landscape with a Stone Bridge previously spoken about, but now humans rule the land and bring destruction to nature in order to further satiate their wants and drives. What this leads to is seen in our fourth piece of …show more content…
It stands in natural beauty as seen in Remembrandt Hermanesz painting. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come as seen in Vincent van Hogh’s painting, and it reflects what did come and destroy as seen in Salvador Dali’s image, and the outcome that is now upon us as seen in Roxy Paine’s creation entitled Maelstrom. What is similar in the first three paintings is the way they were created—oil on canvas. The trees are depicted similarly in the sense that they all contain leaves that have a yellow tinge with light reflecting off of them. The fourth piece of art is different in both the way it was created and the look that is depicted. The fourth art piece was created as a sculpture and not as oil on a canvas. The tree in the fourth art piece contains no leaves, and is one color—silver. The picture taken of the sculpture was taken on a dark gloomy day, and against the concrete building background, the tree almost blends in. It is in it’s domain, but in a different way as the first tree by Rembrant Hermanesz is which sits in a storm lit forest, where only one man wanders in a boat away from the tree. Trees are used in many works of art, and it may be for the mere fact that they hold so much meaning. They can send a message both in the form of a letter created from their bark, or through a remade image of them out of oil and the hand of an artist with an image.

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