The Three Levels Of Health Promotion Prevention Essay

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The Three Levels of Health Promotion Prevention in Nursing Practice
Maylen Rodriguez
Grand Canyon University
NRS – 429 V
September 14, 2014

The Three Levels of Health Promotion Prevention in Nursing Practice The three levels of health prevention involves; primary, secondary, and tertiary. These levels are related to the normal disease process, and are a key element to nurses when creating a care plan for a client. In the book Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span the author mentions, “within the three levels of promotion, there five steps. These steps include health promotion and specific protection (primary prevention); early diagnosis, prompt treatment, and disability limitation (secondary prevention); and restoration and rehabilitation (tertiary prevention)” (Edelman, 2014). In other words, by keeping in mind whether the client needs are: eating healthy and exercising to prevent diabetes type two; to know how to self-administer insulin in order to control the diabetes, or to heal a wound that was caused by the uncontrolled diabetes; the nurse awareness of these levels will implement a positive change in the client. Primary prevention purpose is to make individuals aware on how to improve their health to prevent illness. “Primary prevention intervention includes health promotion, such as health education about a risk factors for heart disease, and specific protection, such as immunization against hepatitis B” (Edelman 2014). Nurses can promote health by…

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