The Three Different Cultures in Aztec Empire Essay

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Aztec Culture
There were a variety of different cultures of people who were part of the Aztec empire.

Social Classes of the Aztec Empire: The Aztec society was organized into tightly structured groups or classes. There were three main classes that formed Aztec society. The nobles, the intermediate class, and the commoners. Each class was divided further. At the top was the emperor who belonged to the noble class. His power came from control of the military and was supported by Aztec religious beliefs. He had a very nice and luxurious life. The nobles were the smallest class, but had the most power. They owned large estates and ran the government and the military. Priests were also from the noble class. Merchants and skilled artisans
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The Aztecs also fished and hunted, some animals they hunted are: fish, rabbits, shrimp and iguana. The Aztecs did not eat meat very much. They would also make bread and cheese like foods out of the algae from the top of lake Texcoco.

The Aztecs believed that the gods tried to create the world 5 times and failed because they were fighting amongst themselves. This is an example of the type of things the Aztecs believed in. They also believed that the gods used to take turns being the sun but it became complicated so they made up a sort of council to decided who would do what. The gods realised that one of them were going to have to become the sun. Nanauatl(a god) decided he would become the sun however something was wrong he was not moving and the gods could not figure out why. Then they realised that all of them had to sacrifice themselves so that the sun would move and the humans could live on earth. Then they all sacrificed themselves and the sun started to move. The gods sacrifices did not come without a price the Aztecs believed that they needed to sacrifice themselves to keep the week sun moving.


Aztec jewelry has varied from necklaces, to earrings, and wrists. Many of these replicas are sold all over the world. The people who owned most jewelry were the upper classes. Emperors usually wore necklaces and earrings.
Craftsmen had a lot of work to do, so they decided to

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