The Three Components Of Credibility In The Business World

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According our course material reading the three components of Credibility are: Competence, Caring, and Character (Cardon, P. 2016).
Credibility means that your reputation is trustworthy, and the degree of creditability which others can believe and trust. Your reputation for being trustworthy, preform work with excellence, and care about those who you work with is very important in the business world. Not to mention the code of ethic. A trustworthy person must live by high ethical standard in the, corporate world, and also have high personal values, and deliver on his/her your promises (Cardon, P. 2016). .
Credibility is also very important in the business world and in everyday life. For example as a leader, your subordinates will to
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2016). Caring is in the business world denotes a quality of understanding the interests of others, and demonstrating accountability (Cardon, P. 2016). Your ability to gain credibility depends on how well you show that you care for the needs of other (Cardon, P. 2016). In my opinion, I believe that when people shows that they care about a situation it comes off as being vulnerable, especially in the corporate world. I think when people know that you are being genuine, it will be it easier for them to open up and say what is on their mind. This also let people know that a person cares about their well-being or have their best interest at heart. Being honest and caring will have a positive effect on the outcome of each situation that is at …show more content…
2016). It has been said that the character of an individual or a company says a lot about how they view business and their customers because charter is central in creating trust (Cardon, P. 2016). While during business your name is important but your character helps you to establish who you are as a business person. Some people character causes them to be defined as a great human being or an unworthy person. In my opinion, you can start building your character at a young age. This can also help a person shape their future. In today’s business world a person character can also be the element that cause them to be very successful in their profession. According to Cardon, P. 2016, character is central to creating trust. Sometimes people climb the in the corporate world and lose themselves in monetary value of the business. Some people large egos define their character of a person that has lost touch with reality. This will sometime cause them to lose their credibility and self-respect in the business world. In my opinion, a person character determines if they are reliable, competence, fair, and loyal. These are some of my values I think a person should contained within

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