Essay about The Third Stage Of The Cycle Of Abuse

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The third stage of the Cycle of Abuse is known as the honeymoon stage, where the abuser asks for forgiveness and the victim usually forgives them. In this case, Bone, who is the victim does not forgive Glen, but her mother forgives him every time. Allison clearly addresses this stage in the cycle, showing how Anney always defends Glen, and tries to convince everyone, especially Bone that Glen really does love her. After Glen first abuses Bone, Mama says, “He loves you," Mama was always saying, and she meant it, but it seemed like Daddy Glen 's hands were always reaching for me, trembling on the surface of my skin, as if something pulled him to me and pushed him away at the same time. I would look up at him, carefully, watchfully, and see his eyes staring at me like I was something unimaginable and strange” (105). Mama defends Glen and chooses to overlook the fact that her husband is beating their child for no reason. She blames Bone for the abuse and chooses to do nothing about it, which leads to Bone feeling insecure in her own skin because she is not loved by her family. Bone can tell that what her mother is saying is not true because if Glen really did love her, then he would not beat her. Another instance where Allison portrays the honeymoon stage is after Glen first beats Bone with his belt. Mama is mad at Glen but after they retreat to their bedroom. “The sound of Mama crying grew softer, faded. In the stillness that followed I heard Daddy Glen whispering, heard a…

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