The Third Man Film

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Screening: The Third Man (1949):
Directed by Carol Reed, this black and white film had exceptionally articulate visuals of landscapes throughout the city of Vienna in 1948. In spite of being for the most part shot around evening time and in the sewers, the director does an incredible job capturing the overall character of the city. The music was fairly interesting, and added a feeling of peculiarity to the film. Although all the actors played their roles, respectively, Orson Welles was my favorite. He was Charming, but yet evil at the same time. Joseph Cotten played Holly Martins and played it exceptionally well as he was really unconscious of what inconvenience he was getting his character 's part into. He was determined, but at the same
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This great film revolved around nine travelers going on a stagecoach across the country. Every character was one of a kind in their own particular manners and contributed to the greatness of this film. This film was similar to The Breakfast Club in this regard. Character development was essential throughout this film as each character learned about each other along the way. This film just fits so perfectly with Ford’s creativity. During the scene where they are attacked by Indians, I knew this movie was ahead of its time. That scene consisted of great stunt-work. One of the warriors was shot and fell between the horses and the wheels of the wagon. That was exciting and most likely my favorite scene. However one aspect that caught my attention was how simplistic the acting was. John Carradine was evil throughout the entire film, yet I expected some sort of twist which did not occur. John Wayne is shown strongly as the hero in this film during the intro with the iconic close up on his face. From that point on, I realized the movie would revolve around his character. He plays his role exceptionally well and with confidence. Another great actor was Thomas Mitchell, who played Doc Boone. Despite having a gun pointed at him, he remains calm and takes control of the situation. This film has the overall characteristics of a true western, but the added bonus is the cinematography during the action scenes. Character’s change during the journey, despite for better or worse. This film, however, did not show the Native Americans as individuals, but rather savages. Among western films, this is unquestionably held in high respects, however as i would like to think, was not the

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