The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay examples

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Is seeing believing? America has been made off of violence and death. In the past we have had wars after wars and most of us don’t even know why. However, our government makes it seem like everything’s good and we are in peace now when really were not. As regular civilians we don’t get to know what actually is going on and why were in conflicts with foreign countries. Fictional literature is one of the only things we have that gives us deeper meaning in events that we usually don’t get to learn about. It takes us to another world where were invited to learn new about new things that the regular world can’t teach us. Fiction gives us different views on life and more analysis on the characters feelings and emotions. A fictional book could bring real life issues into something that we could all understand and relate too. In the book, “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien he shows the effects a war has on a person and how their actions and choices during the war haunt their regular lives. Fiction should be included in the curriculum because with Fictional literature we are able to explore more topics outside society’s views.

Violence is one of the main social issues in this book. The soldiers were drafted into this war and many of them don’t even know why there their in the first place. We just send people off to war and expect them too just come back their normal selves, but they don’t, their mentally scared from their actions and choices in the war. O’Brien states in…

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