Essay The Things I 've Carried By O ' Brien

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The Man He Killed Sometimes I don’t know where I’m going or even want to admit where I came from, so when sit back and reflect on things the truth of my reality can be a bit overwhelming. I have been threw more than most people my age and have had to grow up fast, but in doing so it’s no comparison to Tim O 'Brien. He is an outstanding Author of the novel “The things I’ve carried”. O 'Brien writes of a young Vietnamese man who’s past, present, and future has been taken by a grenade in My Khe by O’Brien himself in the chapter “The Man I Killed”. The extreme remorse has him so obsessed on the life of his victim that his own existence in the story as character and narrator disappears.

O 'Brien was a young solider in the Vietnam War, fighting against the communism. He has wrote the book about his personal involvements as a solider. Introspective of his recollection of the truth and an insecure investigation of the techniques and reasons behind it all. The narrator is unpredictable, he speaks of the obligation of concealing the truth and expanding the fiction in the complete war story. The truth is the surroundings that he was around, one of continuous death and unending mayhem. Most of the demise he writes about was regarding his corresponding comrades. After witnessing all of this and the unnecessary deaths of Vietnam civilians you would think it should have in some way harden the heart of a combat solider. Yet O 'Brien seems to be different in his reaction to death and…

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