Essay on The Theory That I Am Using For The Diabetes Case Study

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The theory that I am using for the Diabetes Case Study is, Roy Adaptation Model (RAM), which is a stress/adaptation theory. This theory shows that depending on the issue of the patient along with other social circumstances, it can make the difference in the way a person can get better and stay healthy. Since there are other factors, which can include social, psychosocial, or environmental, Stella needs to reflect to see what are things that can be modified and what things are non-modifiable. The main thesis and concept of the theory is a nursing process approach to gather data, identify the capacities and needs of the human adaptive system, select and implement approaches for nursing care, and evaluate the outcome (RAM, 2012). This is done by assessing behavior and factors that influence adaptive abilities and by intervening to expand those abilities and to enhance environmental interactions (RAM, 2012). As Roy uses the concept of the nursing process, he uses two different assessment levels; first level assessment, assessment of behavior, and second level assessment, assessment of stimuli. He also includes: diagnosis, goal setting, intervention, and evaluation. His theory is important in this case study, to have a thorough evaluation of the situation and create a plan to better the situation.
When taking the initial intake of the patient, the nurse first needs to assess the patient’s behavior and the internal/external factors. When assessing Stella, it is noted that she is…

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