The Theory Of The Project Instruction Essay

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Of the three models discussed in the project instruction, the most logical for the chosen institute would be the reintegration model. This is important since the purpose of prison is to punish and improve. Through understanding this definition, it would make sense to encourage a prisoner’s success once the punishment is over, and they are met with question, “What now?” Without prepping them for this change, the impact of the punishment is lessened and adds to both the individual’s and public’s problems. By reintegrating them, there is a chance to steer their life for the better of the individual, the family, and the general public. The type of institute chosen, was a minimum-security prison which is less strict in comparison to other options (Hendrix 299). Furthermore, this works well with the integration model, since it incarcerates lesser criminals (Hendrix, 299). This can help because this a less difficult institute dealing with less difficult prisoners (Hendrix, 299). Yet, if this institution type used another model, such as the custodial model, as discussed in the text, which does not consider the prisoner; it considers only how to keep the prisoners from the public. If the model type changes, the institution type should change to operate effectively. Of the Jail types, an adjusted third-generation would be the best choice for this design. More specifically, the third-generation is described such as almost an apartment concept (, “Jails- Jail Structure And…

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