The Theory Of Social And Psychology Practices Essay

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Theories are general explanations that are supported by evidence obtained through the scientific method and are utilized in all domains of social and psychology practices. By observing people scientifically, the social worker can obtain systematic descriptions of human tendencies and differences among people and their environments. This paper will highlight two key theories used in both historically and contemporary social work. Next, a description of the main research areas and methods used within the field of social work are defined and described providing an explanation of how these methods are used to guide research. Finally, research that pertains to modern advances in the field of social work is summarized.

Theories and Research Methods
Social Work explores all aspects of human thought and behavior based on theories surrounding the real world whose essential truth can be supported by evidence obtained through scientific method. The roots of modern social work have adapted from two distinct perspectives on the origin of human problems (Lesser & Pope, 2011). During the 1800’s, the early social workers traveled from house to house helping families cope with social and emotional problems. It was during this era that scientific advances in medicine and engineering initiated the development of a theoretical foundation for practice that emphasized diagnosis and cure (Lesser & Pope, 2011). After World War I, because of the poverty and the quality of life for many Americans,…

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