The Theory Of Science Fiction Essay

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Science Fiction is almost exponentially broad in terms of its definition. For the sake of my argument we will be looking at this genre for its discussions regarding the consequences and encounters with change that is poses. Throughout the majority of human history, society moved slowly. Because of this it was nearly impossible for people to visualize a future that diverged drastically from their own case. When the Scientific Revolution occurred it brought with it new discoveries of astronomy and math and possibilities of a better life. In the 20th century the genre picked up speed and now many authors find themselves using Science Fiction to influence culture and thought on current world situations. On such author is the late Octavia Butler. Butler used Science Fiction to address issues ranging from racism to sexism to religion. Prior to her explosion in the world of futuristic thought, wealthy white males dominated Science Fiction. For several reasons, Butler is influential not just in the world of Science Fiction but in personal lives too. By looking at her novels we can begin to see the ways in which she uses this genre and its studies on change to look at religion and its relation to female power. We will be looking at Parable of The Sower, and Parable of the Talents because of the main character, Lauren Olamina who uses religion to evoke change within a seemingly hopeless world. The parable of the sower is a famous Biblical parable in which a sower scatters seeds…

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