Essay The Theory Of Primitive Behavioral Genetics

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Primitive Behavioral Genetics
Primitive behavioral genetics is the thought that some behaviors of humans are instinctual and are inherited without having any prior experience to base reactions, feelings or thought processes on. These innate behaviors can be closely related to reflexes because it exists within and are predetermined (The Definition of Behavioral Genetics, 2016). Although the theory of primitive behavioral genetics cannot be tested to prove the accuracy and influence, there are many other studies that are performed to help determine what has the strongest impact on creating a persons personality; this is the nature versus nurture debate. The thought that nature reigns supreme to nurture means that the natural and instinctual “reflexes” are something that are within humans and play the more crucial role in determining the outcome of ones personality. Nature, or genetics, has been proven to be the cause of many mental health conditions ranging from depression to bipolar to being more susceptible to addictions such as gambling or alcohol (Nature vs. Nurture, 2015). The theory that nurture is a more pivotal influence in a humans life claims that the environment and outside factors of ones lifestyle holds more power and creates who someone is, that depending on where you live, what your were taught and how you were treated, personalities and behaviors could be different just by altering one of those factors. Nurture can also be seen in affecting mental health in how…

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