Essay on The Theory Of Power Point Script

1070 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Power Point Script With the variety of topics covered in the curriculum over the last year, there was one topic that stood out to me the most, electricity. There was something very curiosity inducing about the fundamental forces that enables electricity to do wonders in the world. Outside of the realm of the studied curriculum, there is a whole chapter on the nature of induced forces in magnetic fields. This struck great interest and lead to further research. In the 1830’s, an English scientist named Michel Faraday was credited with the discovery of induced currents and the practical behind it. He first wrapped a copper wire around an iron ring. On one side of the ring, there was a battery with a switch. On the opposite side, there was a galvanometer. He noticed a strange pattern in variations in currents. This evolved into further experimentation with magnetic fields. He used a coil of copper with a galvanometer attached to either end. A magnet was passed through the center of the coil, which displayed a voltage spike on the galvanometer. With further experimentation, Faraday found that the greater the number of coils and the more conductive the material it is made of, the greater the spike in voltage I induced. The main factor that causes this spike is the magnetic flux of the magnet. The greater the area the flux of the field affects, the greater the transfer of induced current. This breakthrough opened up the field of induced electrodynamics. A few decades later, in…

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