The Theory Of Organizational Structures Essay

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Max Weber’s 1922 classical theory of organizational structures, is centered around bureaucratic principles and based on six major themes, one of which is a clear division of labor and authority (Schafritz and Ott, 2001). Based on this definition a school would fall under Weber’s classical organization theory and as its organizational suture. Within a school there is a clear division of labor; the principal serves as the authority of the school, while the teacher servers as the authority within the classroom. As the authority or the leader, this person is the enforcer of policies and procedures, is responsible for the management and learning that takes place within the classroom and school building (Blank, 1987). One major problem facing education today is the lack of effective leadership in K-12 hierarchical school systems. For the purpose of this paper leadership is defined as both the teacher as a leader and the principal. This paper will begin to explore this problem by seeking to question to what extent do different leadership styles impact student achievement in K-12 hierarchical school systems. There are many different leadership theories. A key question to address problem of the lack of effective leadership, and seek to find a solution, is to examine the different types of leadership styles found in K-12 schools. To begin this research, Bass and Avolio’s (2004) Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) will be distributed to selected schools to determine the…

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