The Theory Of Nursing Theories Essay examples

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The use of nursing theories in practice, aid in providing validity to the concepts and data that the practicing professional has set to implement. Many of the nursing theories that we use daily are based on ideas that were presented previously in other areas or professions. These borrowed theories help to solidify the scientific rationale for making a needed change or to research a particular concept for the improvement of: patient safety, care, organization workflow and design, advances in technology and nursing informatics, nursing leadership and the way in which future and current nurses are educated. As each theory is a derivative of something else, the use of a grand versus middle-range theory is determined by the type of issue that is to be addressed. For instance, if one is looking to solve a general concept that applies to all areas of practice and specialties they may use a grand theory to support the research and develop a question that may then turn into its own middle-range (i.e. more specific) theory for practice.
Nursing theorist set out to identify and define an issue of concern or find the solution to the question; in regards to Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring in the education of nurses, it is imperative to train nurses on the skills involved in the interpersonal relationship of care. The caring model emphasizes the humanistic aspect of nursing in combination with clinical experience, evidence based practice, and scientific knowledge; things that are…

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