Essay on The Theory Of Hegemonic Masculinity

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Introduction I am studying Connell 's concept of hegemonic masculinity because I want to challenge all assumptions about the gender system and raise a series of problems and issues about masculinity. I want to emphasize the plurality and diversity of men 's experiences along the lines of class, race, sexual orientation, and ability. Furthermore, the common misunderstanding of hegemonic masculinity is that the concept is referred to men behaving badly or being hyper-masculine. However, it is possible for an individual or group to be hyper-masculine but still not be seen as an hegemonic man. This paper will address how these identities are constructed through institutions like the media and military. I am studying this in order to further understand the logics, theories, and constructions of masculinity. This research is essential because most often the focus is primarily on deconstructing femininity and the relational character of femininities and masculinities are often forgotten.
Research Question: How is Hegemonic masculinity and Hyper-masculinity constructed through institutions like the media(television and advertisements) and the military?
Hinojosa, R. " Doing Hegemony: Military, Men, and constructing A Hegemonic Masculinity."The Journal of Men 's Studies 18.2(2010):179-194. Sociological Abstracts. Web The scholar, Hinojosa explores how the military institution greatly reinforces hyper masculinity and creates the image of the "ideal man". The men in the…

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