Essay on The Theory Of Evolution And Evolution

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The theory of evolution is a controversial subject for some. People who resent the theory of evolution think, “the world was covered in water and there was [nothing] but worms and blobs of jelly” (Inherit the Wind). However, to clear things up, the world was nothing like this. Several indisputable, famous studies and experiments have supported the theory of evolution. Bacterial antibiotic evolution is the growing resistance to antibiotics through mutations in bacteria’s DNA. Vestigial organs are organs that are no longer needed in the body of an animals. Endogenous retroviruses are markers in DNA that show a point where a big change in a species has happened, and are passed on to offspring. Bacterial antibiotic evolution, vestigial organs, and endogenous retroviruses are all supporting factors of evolution.
When dealing with evolution, it is crucial to know the basic facts. Evolution is decent with modification. It is the change in genetic composition in a population over many generations. It is important to know that not one single organism can evolve. People say, “Well, turn that cat into a dog”. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Here is a quick *hypothetical* example: Thousands of years ago, there was a village with people who had normal mouths. Over the next thousand years, a few women have babies with cleft palates due to a mutation in the babies DNA. Over the next few thousands of years after that, those genes were passed on through that village, and…

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